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New Automated Online Viewing Features are now live

Last week we told you about our new Online Viewing features with optional automation and tracking. Did you miss it? Read it here.
The new features are included in your Rightmove membership and can help you:

• Keep safe with fewer physical viewings
• Save time with optional automation
• Spot the hottest leads using video interactions to help you prioritise
• Convert valuations to instructions by impressing potential vendors & landlords with your ability to deliver their property video to the largest audience
Login to Rightmove Plus to get started in 3 steps

Step 1: From the Property List in Rightmove Plus
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1. Spot it
See at a glance which properties have the online viewing label

2. Add it
Click the Online Viewing button to:
• Add video
• Activate the online viewing label
• Enable auto-response
• Send manual email
Step 2: Choose your option for using online viewings
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Option 1
Use the online viewing label + option on the lead form

Option 2
Use the online viewing label + option on the lead form + share video in your own branded page via email link
Option 2 unlocks all these benefits:
Add a new option on your lead form for people to indicate they're interest in an online viewing. Deliver your video content to viewers inboxes, automatically or manually. Track interactions on your branded video page and qualify the hottest leads
Top tip: Short-staffed? Use the auto-response to reply automatically to anyone who expresses an interest in online viewings. Then prioritise the leads that indicate an interest after viewing the video.
Step 3: Track your video interactions using the Lead Report in Rightmove Plus
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By the viewers

1 - Filter to see leads with requests for online viewing

2 - See the video interactions at a glance for each lead
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By the property

1 - Download total video interactions for this property (auto-response + manual sends)

2 - See the video interactions for auto-response emails at a glance for each property
Can’t see Lead Reports in Rightmove Plus?

We restrict access to the Lead Reports to help keep your customer’s data secure. If you can’t see the Lead Reports on your menu in Rightmove Plus, it might be because you don’t currently have permission to see these reports.

Ask our Customer Support Team to change your permissions by emailing us at

Login to Rightmove Plus today to try it out

Over 8,000 Rightmove branches and offices across Rightmove have used the Online Viewing label we introduced in April 2020. We hope that this added online viewing feature helps you even more.

Thank you to those of you who’ve been giving us your feedback about how you’re innovating to offer online viewings. That has allowed us to create a feature that gives you the flexibility to offer online viewings in a way that works for you, your customers and your market.

We’ll continue to improve on the online viewing feature based on how visitors to Rightmove interact with the new functionality and what you tell us you need most.

Keep an eye on your inbox for updates on other new initiatives we’re working on to support you.

Stay safe and well,
Dave Anderson
Agency and New Homes Director
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